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The SurfaceRenu™ Scratch Removal System is the industries only solution for removing surface damage and scratches from large format porcelain surfaces.  Developed with the fabrication and installation teams in mind, our patented technology allows for the rapid restoration and removal of surface damage at any point of the surface life cycle.  Here are just some of the global porcelain manufacturers who have selected SurfaceRenu as the only approved method for restoring damaged porcelain


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Why choose SurfaceRenu for scratch repair?

The SurfaceRenu Scratch Removal System is a surface restoration process that was developed in the field, with the assistance of many fabricators around the globe, to address one of the most prevalent problems within the Stone and Porcelain fabrication and installation industry. 

The SurfaceRenu System is the industry’s premier and most comprehensive solution to remove scratches and surface damage from all types of porcelain and decorative glazed tile slabs.  As long as the surface damage does not penetrate into the ceramic substraight, the SurfaceRenu System allows for rapid removal and restoration of the damage leaving the slab looking like new.

Purchased as a system and used as a method of scratch removal, SurfaceRenu offers a complete solution that is changing the ceramic and stone fabrication industry by allowing fabricators to salvage previously unsalvageable work product.  Designed to allow the fabricator to install the slab before removing the surface damage, the SurfaceRenu Scratch Removal System is designed to allow fabricators to batch repairs until the final quality inspection post installation, insuring that at no point will a Fabricator have to remove and replace material that has been scratched during fabrication or installation.

The SurfaceRenu system comes complete with all the high-grade tool components you will need to pair with your current grinding tools to allow for mobile restoration services.  When combined with our uniquely designed (patent pending) RenuDisks® and our advanced formula polishing compound, even a novice repair technician can quickly become proficient in removing scratches without leaving a trace of the repair in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost it would take to remake the slab.

Patented Dry Grinding System

Borrowing from our award winning GlassRenu Scratch Removal System, the SurfaceRenu Scratch Removal System utilizes a dry grinding process that eliminates the mess of traditional wet stone polishing, while delivering perfect results every time.  

The method is easy to learn, simple to master and able to quickly address a host of surface damage that can occur throughout the fabrication process.  

Manufacturers all over the world are raving about the SurfaceRenu Scratch Removal System and we think you will too!

Professional tools for fabrication professionals

SurfaceRenu is working to change the Surface Fabrication industry forever.  Working with fabricators on a global level, it is our hope that we can help you save time and money while providing your customers with a superior finished product.